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Programs of
The Hopi Foundation

Our programs are the conduit for accomplishing our mission. We currently have five year-round programs along with two seasonal programs, as well as a handful of smaller initiatives. We have also incubated several projects that have developed into their own nonprofit or business enterprise or that are no longer in operation.

Current Programs

Capacity Building


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The Hopi Foundation provides training and capacity building for local nonprofit and tribal organizations. This aspect of The Hopi Foundation includes development in culturally based research in areas of fundraising, nonprofit development, and community organizing.

Past Projects

Clan Home & Piki House Restoration Project

A project devoted to the preservation of 800 year-old village clan homes including the Shungopavi Snow Clan home, the Walpi Fire Clan home, and the Mishongnovi Snake Clan home.  In addition, several piki houses (small homes where traditional Hopi bread is made) have been restored in the villages of Bacavi and Upper Moenkopi. This project produced the First technical guides published for Hopi structural preservation entitled “Kiiyamuy Technical Guides” still in use today by the Hopi community.

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