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Hopi Emergency Relief Fund

About the Fund

About the Fund

Hopis are among the oldest inhabitants of North America, surviving arid climates, droughts, colonialism, and technological impacts for centuries. We have done so because of our ability to adapt, foresight & planning for the future, and our community-based values.

The Hopi Emergency Relief Fund exists because we as Hopi, know that difficult times are inevitable and that we can only get through them if we help each other. 

The Hopi Emergency Relief Fund offers aid to local villages, organizations and individuals with the intent to serve and distribute supplies and resources to a group in most critical need such as low-income, elders, single-parents, or disabled, with little or no access to transportation in areas of:


  1. Home-heating fuel shortage;

  2. Natural disaster relief for access to safe shelter, food, and clean, potable water; and

  3. Public health and safety in the event of disease outbreak, contamination, etc.

Hopi Foundation Community Listening Summary Report

Upon the demobilization of the Hopi Emergency Relief Fund Site, The Hopi Foundation, with the help of NRGI-1 Consulting, proceeded to conduct a Community Listener Survey & Community Listening Sessions in regards to the Covid-19 Pandemic on Hopi. The purpose of the survey was to gather community feedback, from not only the emergency services various programs provided during the stay-at-home orders, but also to capture the impacts it had on individuals and their families. 


As you will see in the final Community Listening Sessions Summary Report, there is valuable information we could use as programs in the services and activities we provide. It is our hope, in providing this report, other programs and non-profits consider applying community feedback to the work they do. 

We wish to thank our community who participated in the survey and in the three (3) listening sessions on KUYI and Zoom. 

HERF 2022 Community Listening Sessions Survey Results

Current HERF Operations

At the end of December, 2021 The Hopi Foundation’s (HF) Hopi Emergency Relief Fund (HERF) ended direct-service operations and will be transferring many of these services to Hopi Relief. These Services include Covid isolation kits, PPE kits, and air purifiers for Hopi programs and businesses. HERF has been providing these services out of the Peace Academic Center (PAC) gym in Kykotsmovi, since early in 2020.

In the beginning months of the COVID-19 Pandemic, several Hopi Foundation staff along with a group of volunteers from the community began emergency relief efforts to help support the people of the Hopi reservation. The Hopi Foundation already had the Hopi Emergency Assistance Fund established as a means to receive and regrant funding to entities providing emergency-related services to community members. In July of 2020, amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, operations under this fund transitioned to a full operation site, with HF staff stepping in to co-lead the emergency relief efforts and recruiting community members to support these efforts.

After nearly two years of work, HF has made preparations and is ready to transition HERF back to strictly a funding source and shift more focus to their other projects, including the Hopi Substance Abuse Prevention Center, Hopi Opportunity Youth Initiative, Natwani Coalition, Hopi Leadership Program, and KUYI-Hopi Radio. This transition will still allow funds to be raised under HERF and funneled to various groups that are focused on providing emergency relief services. The transition and aforementioned preparations also include providing various supplies and equipment, and funding to transfer services to Hopi Relief.

This transfer of services relies on partnership, which resembles much of the work that helped the Hopi community during the pandemic. Thanks largely to HERF’s past partnerships, community volunteers, and the community itself, HERF has been able to serve the Hopi reservation and its people for almost two years during a very trying time. During the pandemic, especially early on, it was extremely difficult but equally important to coordinate and collaborate efforts to assure each community was receiving timely services in a safe manner, while also reducing overlap and waste.

Besides volunteers, HERF’s partnerships also included Ancestral Lands - Hopi (ALHopi) and Navajo & Hopi Families Covid-19 Relief Fund (NHFCRF), the Peace Academic Center, Hopi Wellness Center, Hopi Health Care Center Nutritionist, Hopi Community Health Representatives, IHS Public Health Nurses, The Hopi Tribe & HERT (the Hopi Emergency Relief Team), Red Feather Development Group, Hopi Tutskwa Permaculture Institute, St. Mary’s Food Bank, and each of the villages. HERF also worked with several of the grassroots organizations that emerged at the onset of the pandemic including Hopi Relief.

The people and organizations that came together to help the community and those in need showcased Hopi values such as Nami’nangwa and Hita’nangwa in action. While the Hopi community was hit hard by illness and death, it would likely have been much worse without these brave and initiative efforts. Continuance of efforts like these will
also be important in fighting through and moving on from Covid.

Hopi Relief will be continuing Covid-19 emergency relief efforts with a number of the services the HERF crews provided. Therefore, there will not be a void with the HERF relief site closing its doors at the Peace Academic Center on December 31, 2021. Hopi Relief is also focused on providing and building long-term services and solutions to address needs within the Hopi community. The Hopi Foundation is confident that Hopi Relief, under the leadership of Wendi Lewis, Executive Director, will continue to provide services to help keep the community safe and healthy. For more information, please contact The Hopi Foundation at or Hopi Relief at

CLS Summary Report

Previous Relief/Recovery Services

In April of 2020, The Hopi Emergency Relief Fund (HERF) began providing services directed towards pandemic mitigation and helping to keep our Hopi people safe and healthy. The majority of our operations were conducted out of the Peace Academic Center gymnasium (in Kykotsmovi) during the pandemic. Early on, HERF sustained relief efforts through volunteer help but later hired a handful of full-time crew members.


In June of 2021, HERF moved to a Recovery mode, from one of Response, which placed our focus on helping our community safely shift back to public interactions, and also improving the health of  our individual Hopi community members.

Along with scheduled PPE distributions, the HERF also offered a range of services that were available upon request, including those listed below. 


HERF crews will come set up at your business/office space to distribute PPE kits and provide education about proper PPE usage and handwashing techniques.


Programs, vendors, small businesses, community buildings, and personnel can request PPE.


Request an isolation kit for those who have tested positive for COVID-19, or request a kit for ceremonial events. Services offered with this include PPE kits, meal kits, & handwashing stations.


Request support from our HERF crew members for safety-protocol training and/or safety/logistic crew support for events, such as vaccine drives,


Submit a grant application to receive an air purifier to keep your office setting and employees safe. We can provide two different-sized air purifiers depending on building size and qualifications*.

*Qualifications provided on application

Prior Recipients

Previous Recipients

Donations to the Hopi Emergency Relief Fund have gone towards...

Hopi community member with wood they received from HERF services
HERF Grantees
Hopi community member with wood they received from HERF services
Hopi Health Care Center
Hopi Health Care Center Lobby

Grants to supply wood for families in need of home-heating

Grants to provide medical supplies to

Hopi Health Care Center

HERF volunteers during a Covid-19 relief distribution
HERF volunteers during a Covid-19 relief distribution
HERF volunteer during a Covid-19 relief distribution
HERF volunteers during a Covid-19 relief distribution at the Peace Academy Center

Food, water, personal hygiene, and household cleaning products distributed to over 13 villages and communities 



Supporters of the Hopi Emergency Relief Fund include:

  • First Mesa Baptist Church

  • Annenberg Foundation

  • Tides Foundation

  • Ultragenyx

  • Partnership With Native Americans

  • Catena Foundation

  • The Arizona Community Foundation

  • Catena Foundation

  • S-Power Corporation

  • First Nations Development Institute

  • Dale Bellisfield (Verde Valley Archaeology Center)

  • Shamrock

  • Americares

  • Navajo County

  • First Things First-Flagstaff, AZ

  • Marble Distilling Co.- Colorado 

  • Antinanco Earth Arts School

  • StrongOnes

  • Honyoutink

  • Ancestral Lands-Hopi

  • Navajo & Hopi Families Covid-19 Relief Fund

  • Hopi Wellness Center

  • Hopi Health Care Center Nutritionist

  • Dozens of individuals

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