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What is Arizona Gives Day?
Arizona Gives Day is an annual day of giving that allows people to positively affect their communities by supporting Arizona nonprofits. It is an annual giving movement that unites nonprofits to celebrate and increase philanthropy in Arizona.  The statewide event also helps raise awareness about the critical role Arizona nonprofits play in our communities. Arizona Gives Day connects causes and supporters in order to enrich and empower Arizona as a whole. 

The Hopi Foundation participates in AZ Gives Day, not only to fundraise and raise awareness for the work we do but also because part of our mission is to educate on and inject the culture of giving that is a major part of Hopi culture.

Since its inception in 2013, AZ Gives Day has raised over $30.1 million for Arizona nonprofits - 0ver $150,000 for The Hopi Foundation. 

Arizona Gives Day takes place the first Tuesday in April - this year on April 2, 2024.

Why should I give for Arizona Gives Day?
As a nonprofit, our main function is to provide services to Hopi communities. Unlike a business, we do not function by selling goods or services. Much of the work we (and other nonprofits) do is provided at little to no cost to our community members. 

To pay for the work we do -programs, grants, services, staff- we fundraise year-round, as well as spend hours researching, writing, and applying for grants. In essence, we have to fundraise to continue doing work for our Hopi communities. Hopi nonprofits depend on people like you to support their work in our community. 


All donations made to a nonprofit through the Arizona Gives Day website give that nonprofit higher chances of winning additional cash prizes. There are multiple prize categories based on nonprofit size, location, and cause. Additionally, winning a prize means more recognition and awareness for that nonprofit.

When should I give for Arizona Gives Day?
Arizona Gives Day begins on April 2nd. Arizona Gives Day takes place annually on the first Tuesday of April and runs for 24 hours. For participating nonprofits to be eligible for additional cash prizes, donations must occur between 12:00am to 11:59pm April 2nd (AZ Time)

You may also make early donations beginning March 12th, 2024. These donations are eligible for prizes specific to early donations.

Donations are accepted year-round on the AZ Gives Day website, however, gifts made through their platform at other times of the year do not count towards prizes or our Arizona Gives Day fundraising for that year. 

How can I give for Arizona Gives Day?

To make a donation to The Hopi Foundation and/or any of its Programs, click HERE or on one of the buttons on this page. You can donate through our website but donations not made directly through are not eligible for prizes.

In addition to day-of and early online donations, you can support The Hopi Foundation and our programs by sharing information about AZ Gives Day to help generate awareness and participation. Remember to use the hashtags #HopiGives #philanthrHopi #AZGivesDay on social media!

You can also support us or any nonprofit by creating your own Arizona Gives Day fundraising page. Nonprofits are eligible for an additional prize for fundraising pages that raise at least $100.

To donate to any other Hopi nonprofits participating in Arizona Gives Day, go to and enter the word "Hopi" to list all Hopi organizations. *Note: Not all organizations in the search results are Hopi nonprofits. Donations made through the Arizona Gives Day website ( may be tax-deductible, may be matched, and are deposited directly into the bank accounts of the chosen nonprofits.

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