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Capacity Building Services


"A community process of furthering unity of aspiration blossoming into full maturity over time”

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About The  Hopi Foundation's

Capacity Building Services

Since 1987, The Hopi Foundation has acted on a vision of building local self-determination toward our destiny through proactive community participation. The Capacity Building Program supports constructing local self-determination through fee-for-service training and internal resource development training (with our staff). It also supports investments in our community via facilitating cross-sector collaborations to leverage resources to further local, rural community development.  


In honoring the Hopi Foundation's goal to strengthen community through collaborative actions, the Capacity Building Services provides training in the areas of Fundraising, Board Development, and Strategic Planning to local nonprofits, tribal organizations, villages, the philanthropic sector, and external stakeholders to strengthen their internal organizational capacity.

In addition, we have conducted local and Community Based Research and continue to work with our community through avenues of Facilitation, Community Organizing, and Networking around issues that matter most. 

Key Measures of Success

1. Community Capacity Building

We provide training locally to strengthen organizational growth, management practice, and stewardship of assets that compliments Hopi values and perspectives.


2. Program Capacity Building

We manage our programs using cultural perspectives infused with Western tools & training to monitor and measure program impact and self-sufficiency, practice effective management, and long-term financial sustainability. 

3. Education & Advocacy

We convene and facilitate cross-sector collaborations at the local level to further community development. We advocate on all levels with foundations, private donors, government, businesses, and nonprofits to educate, build awareness of needs, and connect our community with resources to further their work.

Notes from capacity building workshop
Capacity building workshop


Capacity building training at the Kykotsmovi Community Building
Notes from an HF led community capacity building training

Fundraiser Training

Includes an introduction to nonprofit fundraising tools, education on philanthropic trends, and sharing of best practices and tips for launching fundraising. In addition, training includes facilitated discussions to assess:

  • needs,

  • current assets, and

  • revenue projections

to determine your capacity to launch fundraising.

Board Development Training

Includes best practice in strengthening ethical & prudent practices in the defined areas but not limited to:

  • Roles & Responsibilities

  • Relationship Building with key stakeholders and the various levels of Governance

  • Policy & Resource Development

  • Historical Review of Organization 

Capacity building workshop
Capacity building workshop led by HF
Capacity building workshop

Strategic Planning

Includes the facilitation of developing long and short-term goals that support current practice and future sustainability of the service/s provided. Strategic planning service includes:

  • A historical review of your program, department, or organization that includes pre‐assessment interviews.

  • A strategic planning work session that meets your specific need for updating or developing new strategic efforts/goals. Can include assessing organizational growth, challenges, revision or development of mission and vision, marketing/communication, and asset mapping.

  • A condensed report of session outcomes and documented strategic action plan.

Fees For Services

Our fees for service can be tailored to every organization based on identified priority areas defined by meetings with key stakeholders as a pre-assessment phase prior to the delivery of training and facilitation. Our staff will take time to identify the best approach in being of service to further our goal of strengthening community through the delivery of our capacity building services.

Capacity building workshop held at Hopi Veteran’s Memorial Center
  • First Mesa Youth Center

  • The Hopi Tribal Judicial Branch

  • Hopi Villages

    • Bacavi 

    • Sichomovi 

    • Sipaulovi 

    • Walpi

    • Shungopavi

Past Partners

  • Hopi Tutskwa Permaculture

  • Hopi Tewa Women's Coalition 

  • Hopi Department of Health & Human Services 

  • Hopi Office of Land Information Services 

  • Office of Hopi Lands 

  • Red Feather Development Group

  • Tawa'ovi Community Development Board 

  • The Nakwatsvewat Institute 

Capacity building workshop
Capacity building workshop
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