Promoting our mission of Lomasumi'nangwtukwsiwmani since May 28, 1987.

Huvam Yeese'e!

Welcome to The Hopi Foundation website!

We are pleased to introduce you to our organization. We host a number of community-based projects on the Hopi reservation including the KUYI 88.1FM Hopi Radio Station, the HOPI Substance Abuse Prevention Center, Natwani Coalition, the Hopi Leadership Program and the Hopi Opportunity Youth Initiative. We primarily serve residents within the Hopi reservation but also extend to surrounding communities in our service population as well as in Tucson, Arizona through the Owl & Panther Project.

We also host a number of seasonal projects including the Hopi Youth Preservation Training Program, a partnership with Utah State Parks and The Hopi Tribe. We also provide small community grants year-round to local organizations and initiatives that help to further or inspire our Mission.

Please take some time to visit each of our project pages.

Best Wishes and we hope you will visit us again soon!

Monica Nuvamsa
Executive Director
The Hopi Foundation

The Hopi Foundation primarily serves the Hopi reservation including 12 Hopi and Tewa villages in Northern Arizona