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The Natwani Coalition is currently undergoing a year of dormancy due to a gap in grant funding until further notice. During the 2018 year, we will continue to be a partner to the community on a limited basis and will also be actively fundraising to create a food & farming endowment to support ongoing support to our local farmers and seed savers. Please contact the Hopi Foundation for any special requests to:

Natwani Coalition Staff, Community Advisory Board Members, and Hopi Foundation Staff.  2012 Strategic Planning Session in Flagstaff, AZ.

"Working towards Preserving and Strengthening the Healthy Food System
and Agriculture Traditions of the Hopi & Tewa People"

Formed in January 2004, The Natwani Coalition represents an affiliation of Hopi organizations and individuals dedicated to preserving Hopi farming traditions, strengthening the local Hopi food system and developing innovative sustainable strategies to promote wellness.

Natwani literally means “produce” or “vegetables,” but more significantly, it refers to the processes and rituals necessary for the rejuvenation of all life. It is the intact web of obligation and activity involved in the planting, harvesting, processing, hunting and gathering of food. It is physical and spiritual sustenance.

Working toward preserving and strengthening the healthy food system and agricultural traditions of the Hopi & Tewa People. 

Our goals is to support methods of agriculture, food distribution, and food consumption that are healthy for Hopi individuals and their communities that include:
  • Encourage and support traditional, innovative and sustainable farming practices through outreach and education.
  • Encourage the availability of locally grown foods and produce to Hopi & Tewa families.
  • Encourage Hopi to consume locally grown foods and produce that promote health in themselves and their communities.
  • Encourage and support the protection and preservation of Hopi heirloom seed varities.
  • Encourage opportunities to restore food self-sufficiency at Hopi.

The overall health and well-being of the Hopi people cannot be addressed without an improvement in diet and commensurate restoration of their local food system. In order to meet our objectives, the Natwani Coalition has leveraged varying levels of engagement from volunteers, collaborators and institutions on and off the Hopi reservation. Our strategy is to launch mutually reinforcing projects that over time will collectively restore the local food system.

The Coalition has been instrumental in starting or contributing to a number of projects related to the restoration of the Hopi food system. By launching a broad-based campaign that approaches food system restoration from multiple angles, we've been able to activate a wide constituency around our efforts. These include:
  • Hopi Community Food Assessment
  • Educational Outreach for Hopi-Tewa Communites on Hopi Food and Farming
  • Hopi Agricultural & Food Symposium (bi-annual event)
  • Historical Hopi Agricultural Photo Exhibit
  • Hopi Farm Talk (a monthly program aired on KUYI Hopi Radio 88.1).
  • Hopi Natwani for Youth Project - Farming Curriculum
  • Community Advisory Board
  • Hopi Heirloom Seed Initiative
  • Food & Farming Community Grant Program

Partnerships & Contributors
The Natwani Coalition has built a network of partnerships that share the same vision in revitalizing and preserving traditional methods in Hopi agriculture and the Hopi food system.
  • The Hopi Foundation
  • Hopi Health Care Center
  • Hopi Department of Health Services
  • Hopi Special Diabetes Program
  • Hopi Department of Natural Resources
  • Hopi Cultural Preservation Office
  • University of Arizona Co-operative Extension
  • The Christensen Fund
  • Hopi Schools
  • Individual Volunteers

2014 Natwani Coalition
Projects and Programs

 Hopi Heirloom Seed Initiative
Education, Preservation and Sustaining Hopi Seeds

*Every 3rd Thursday of the Month* 

Hopi Natwani for Youth Project
Farming curriculum for Hopi & Tewa
Schools and Youth Programs

A gathering of Hopi & Tewa community members to engage in topics, educational presentations, networking, sharing, and conversation around the topics of food, farming, and agriculture
*Biennial Event - Next event: Summer 2016* 

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