Hopi Leadership Program

Hopi Leadership ProgramHopi Leadership Program


The Hopi Leadership Program (HLP) was designed to grow strong, effective, and culturally grounded professionals at Hopi by encouraging effective leadership skills among emerging Hopi leaders.  The long-term goal is to nurture a community of professionals who can serve as effective leaders and successfully bridge the Hopi and non-native world in a way that is firmly grounded in the uniquely Hopi worldview. 


This 15-month capacity building program will support future successors who will run organizations and perform grassroots community work at Hopi using a model based on the Hopi culture and western education. 


Participants will undergo an initial skills and knowledge assessment and will also work to define their own personal goals and objectives as part of the program.  Participants will gain experience in leadership and in professional management practices.  They will engage in on-going dialogue about issues related to professional development at Hopi, the complexity of bridging the Hopi and non-native worlds, and the qualities required for effective leadership.  Through this experience they themselves, their families and their place of employment will also benefit from their growing knowledge of leadership, along with other skills.


The Hopi Foundation established the Hopi Leadership Program to:
  • Support the growth and development of a new generation of Hopi leaders and professionals;
  • Develop skills and practices that enable healthy, successful, and self-sufficient lives;
  • Develop and encourage management habits and understanding of Western -style philanthropy;
  • Develop models for balancing and enhancing traditional cultural wisdom in the context of modern day society; and
  • Provide training in core management disciplines required to manage an organization.

Two full-day sessions focus on Hopi bodies of knowledge as well as specific management disciplines.  The curriculum provides a rigorous yet flexible educational experience enabling participants to combine theory and best practice
of professional management within a uniquely Hopi context.  Session modules include:

  • Getting To Know You & Mentoring
  • Hopi Cultural Values
  • Hopi Social Systems & Gender Roles
  • Hopilavayi 
  • Tradition and Change at Hopi
  • Hopi Governance
  • Tour of Hopi Villages
  • Hopi Environmental Field Trip
  • Communication & Management
  • Community Organizing
  • Introduction to Nonprofit Organizations
  • Sustaining your Organization & Organizational Marketing
  • Vision for Hopi
  • Midpoint & Final Reflection Sessions
Program participants are paired and each serve as a mentor to the other during the monthly sessions and outside of the program.  As mentors they help guide one another in their learning and development both personally and professionally.  


A program fee of $250 is required by selected participants.  This worthwhile investment helps to offset the cost of books and materials provided directly to the participants throughout the Program.


This fee covers approximately 8% of the total costs associated with participant expenses.  Remaining costs are paid by the generosity of grants, donations, sponsorship, and other sources of funding.

For questions or to request additional information about the Hopi Leadership Program, contact Monica Nuvamsa at
(928) 734-2380 or via email at: Monica.Nuvamsa@hopifoundation.org

2018 UPDATE!

The Hopi Leadership Program will not be hosting a leadership cohort this year. Instead, we will be working on developing our alumni community from the six graduating cohorts from 2006 - 2016.

More will be shared from our alumni community this year, stay tuned!


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