The Hopi Foundation Staff

About Our Staff


Monica Nuvamsa, Executive Director
Monica, Hopi, is a member of the Water Cloud Clan from the Village of Songoopavi. She received her Bachelor’s in Psychology and American Indian Studies from the University of Arizona in 1997 and a Certificate in Nonprofit Leadership from the Arizona State University Lodestar Center for Philanthropy and Nonprofit Innovation in 2012. Monica currently serves as the Executive Director of The Hopi Foundation, whose work is to promote local philanthropy and community development. Her experience includes local community grant making, nonprofit and community capacity building, community leadership development, and community organizing. Monica’s early career experiences include developing and managing the Hopi Tribe’s Domestic Violence Program. She served both as an Advocate and Project Coordinator until she was appointed to serve in the role of the Intergovernmental Affairs Liaison for the Hopi Tribe to both state and federal governments. After serving nearly six years in the tribal government, her career moved toward higher education at The University of Arizona and tribal public policy training at The Morris K. Udall Foundation for Excellence in Environmental Studies and Public Policy. Monica has served on several nonprofit boards including Native Americans in Philanthropy, Native Public Media and the Arizona Grantmakers Forum.

Angie Harris, Finance Director
Angie Harris, Hopi, is a member of the Eagle Clan from the Village of Mishongnovi. Hired by The Hopi Foundation in August 1995 as the organizational Bookkeeper. She currently serves as the Executive Administrative Manager overseeing all financial activities. Previous work experience includes serving as the Finance Manager with the Hopi Arts & Crafts Cooperative Guild for thirteen years and worked as a sales clerk and bookkeeper for four years. She also was a Bank Teller with Valley National Bank for two years in Tucson, AZ. Professionally, Angie, has been working in the financial field for the past thirty years.

Glatrina Kagenveama, Deputy Finance Director
Glatrina, Hopi, is a member of the Bear Strap/Spider Clan from the Village of Soongopavi. Glatrina attended high school at both Flandreau Indian School in South Dakota and the Hopi Jr./Sr. High School. She has experience in working in the fields of business, accounting, federal financial aid and financial management. Glatrina received her Accounting Applications Certificate from Everest College and also attended Glendale Community Collage and Coconino Community College to further her studies. Prior to coming to The Hopi Foundation, Glatrina worked as the Development and Marketing Coordinator for KUYI Hopi Radio, and with the Hopi Tribal Housing Authority, The Hopi Tribal Government, and several colleges and universities in financial aid.

Tiffany Bahnimptewa, Data Entry Clerk
Tiffany, Hopi, is a member of the Water Clan from the Village of Hotevilla.After graduating from Hopi High School in 2006, Tiffany stayed within her community to serve as a Cultural Ambassador for the Hopi Tribe as Miss Hopi 2006-2007.She was able to continue her love of volunteer work for the community through her reign and other community activities.She began as a Volunteer for The Hopi Foundation and was later hired as a Program Assistant and Data Entry Clerk for the Hopi Foundation. Tiffany is a past volunteer of the Natwani Coalition, Hopi Food Co-Op, Adventures for Youth and the Girl Scouts. She has also participated in other local, national and international programs that have supplied her with various leadership experience and tools, including the Hopi Leadership Program, Up with People, Young People For, and the Native Youth Leadership Alliance.

Deanna Ortiz, Receptionist
Deanna, Hopi and Tohono O'odham, is a member of the Butterfly Clan from the Village of Mishongnovi.

Ryan Tafoya, Marketing Coordinator
Ryan Tafoya is from the Jicarilla Apache reservation in Northern New Mexico. He is
Jicarilla-Ollero (White Clan) - and is also of Belgian, Jewish, and German descent. Ryan has his Bachelor's Degree in English-Communications from Fort Lewis College. His previous marketing-related experiences includes working as the Marketing and Special Events Manager for the Hopi Education Endowment Fund and freelance communications services. He also has previous experience in wild land firefighting, maintenance, construction, warehouse management, and accounting. Ryan's immediate interests are reading, being outdoors, foreign languages, writing, woodworking, strengthening Native communities, humor, music, art, video games, journalism, and helping others. When Ryan is not working, he is almost invariably with his immediate family which consists of his wife Alyssa, son Rael, and dog Moxxi.

Hopi Opportunity Youth Initiative

Hannah Honani, Program Manager
Hannah, Roadrunner Clan from the Village of Sitsomovi, serves as the Program Manager for the Hopi Opportunity Youth Initiative (HOYI). Having received her Associates of Arts Degree in Liberal Studies from Coconino Community College, Hannah aims to bridge the gap of communication between our youth and current programs on Hopi that work to help our youth succeed. Hannah would like to revamp ways to connect youth in helping themselves set goals for their future, find their identity, and become productive members of society. She hopes that working with our very own Hopi youth, together we can create a better image of what it means to be educated while maintaining our Hopi cultural values. During Hannah’s leisure time, she enjoys reading, watching movies, and spending time with her 12 year old daughter Rylee.

Aeon Albert, Program Associate
Aeon, Hopi, is a member of the Snow Clan from the Village of Songoopavi. A 2014 graduate of Hopi Junior/Senior High School, Aeon continued her education at Seattle University (SU) where she graduated in 2019 with a Bachelor's of Arts in Business Administration with an emphasis in Marketing. After graduating from SU, she went on to work as an assistant crew leader for Ancestral Lands - Hopi where she got to explore sites around Arizona and Utah with her crew of four. She hopes to make a positive contribution to the HOYI team by utilizing all of her previous experiences.

Lexie James, Youth Liaison
Lexie is Corn Clan from the Village of Tewa and serves as the Youth Liaison for the Hopi Opportunity Youth Initiative (HOYI). Lexie is also a part-time student at Northland Pioneer College and currently sits on the Board of Directors for a non-profit organization called, "Three Precious Miracles," which aims to assist Native American youth in foster care, relative care or adopted. Lexie is the current title-holder of the Miss Indian Arizona 2nd Attendant. With this title, along with previous title experience as Miss Hopi 2014-15, continues to enjoy participating in Native American Pageants/Scholarship Programs. As such, she serves as the Lead Advisor for the Hopi-Tewa Youth Council, the Miss Hopi Royalty Committee, and the Lori Piestewa Post #80 Royalty Committee, helping to support Hopi and Tewa youth in their leadership.

Eugene Cody, Data Associate
Eugene is Rabbit and Tobacco Clan from the Village of Misungnovi. He enjoys the Sci-Fi/Fantasy genre whether it is books, television, or movies. His favorite books are the Sword of Truth series by Terry Goodkind and he wishes that the TV show Legend of the Seeker (which are based on the books) would return for a third season. Eugene studied photography and programming and likes to keep his skills sharp by messing around with Photoshop or by doing some light Java coding. He also enjoys a good meal of frybread and beans on any given day.

Barbara Chester Award

Danielle Romeyn, Coordinator
Danielle grew up in West Michigan and moved to Hopi in 2005. Over her years in Hopi she has volunteered at many organizations ranging from social issues, to natural living, to outdoor adventure. She is a Licensed Massage Therapist and also teaches Active Parenting classes. Danielle recently got married and is also a mother to two beautiful Hopi girls. She went on a vacation/honeymoon to Mexico and has reported that she is now sick of tacos.

Hopi Substance Abuse Prevention Center

Shawn Namoki Sr., Program Manager
Shawn, Hopi, is a member of the Bear Clan from the Village of Sipaulovi. Shawn received his degree in Network Engineering from Coconino Community College in December 2010. Shawn is the newest member to the HOPI Substance Abuse Prevention Center team. Shawn is committed to helping others through leadership, mentoring, and sharing of his experiences. His previous work experience includes being a Forklift Operator/Truck Unloader for Savers store in Flagstaff while he attended college. Shawn also worked as a Computer Specialist/Network Assistant with the Hopi Jr/Sr High School from 1999 to 2004. He is also an artist who loves to paint and draw. During his free time loves spending time with his family. Shawn is currently a member of the Miss Hopi Committee and an alumnus of the 2012-2013 Hopi Leadership Program.

Racheal Povatah, Mentor
Racheal, Hopi/Tewa, is a member of the Roadrunner Clan from the Village of Sichomovi. As a mother of four children, she has three sons, one daughter and is a grandmother to four grandsons and one granddaughter. Racheal has been a part of the HOPI Substance Abuse Prevention Center since its inception. As a Mentor she provides mentoring service to individuals who may have substance abuse issues. Prevention education and awareness presentations are also an important part of the work the Center offers. This sharing of information is conducted throughout all the Hopi communities by way of village organizations, meetings, and tribal departments. Racheal and other HSAPC staff are often asked to do outreach presentations of their work to organizations both on and off the reservation. Some of her previous work experience includes Heavy Equipment Operator and Head Start School Bus Driver. Racheal is an alumnus of The Hopi Foundation's inaugural 2006-2007 Hopi Leadership Program.

Bryan Humetewa, Mentor
Bryan is Bear Clan and lives in the Village of Moenkopi. His father is Badger Clan and his kiva father is Sun Clan. He graduated with honors from AI Collins graphic design school where he received his Associates of Arts degree in Visual Communications. Bryan enjoys a variety of outdoor activities including ranching, farming, camping, hunting, and fishing. Other hobbies include singing and spending time with his friends and family. Bryan serves as a Mentor for the HOPI Substance Abuse Prevention Center.

Bernadean Kachinhongva, Mentor
Bernadean, Hopi, is a member of the Water Clan from the Village of Misungnovi and a mother of 3 loving sons. Bernadean joined the HOPI Substance Abuse Prevention Center on July 08, 2019 as the newest mentor. She brings to the HSAPC team a vast variety of work experiences including hospitality by providing a professional and customer service atmosphere. Her other skills are in construction, security, and tribal government. Bernadean is a Hopi Junior/Senior High School alumni (class of 1997). She also attended Northland Pioneer College to attain her general education. Bernadean's lifelong goal has been to help people in any and all aspects of their lives. Bernadean feels that as a mentor, she can honestly say she has fulfilled a good portion of that goal. Bernadean's hobbies include spending time with her sons, learning new experiences, traveling to new places, and listening to the younger generation's ideas and views.

Richard Davis, General Manager
Richard A. Davis has as strong background in radio broadcast and community engagement. His experience includes serving as Station Manager of KUYI Hopi Radio and training local community members to assume the operation of the station. Davis is an on-air host for KNAU Public Radio, Arizona, and also has expertise in recording the music of local artists and concert productions.

Thomas Humeyestewa, Production Assistant
Thomas, Hopi, is a member of the Water Clan from the Village of Songoopavi. Thomas likes to lives life to the fullest, likes to plant, run, play basketball, sing and most of all enjoys being a father. After he graduated from Flagstaff High School and attended Cocconino Community College for General Studies in various trades from Electronics to Carpentry to Drafting. Having the passion for music and singing since he was young, Thomas has grown a interest in the production work he does for KUYI today. He appreciates the radio station for allowing him to apply his skills and to gain more knowledge in what he loves to do while helping the local community in preserving the culture and language.

Jennifer Himel, Development & Marketing Coordinator
Jennifer, Hopi, is Bear Clan from the Village of Tewa and serves as the Marketing Coordinator for KUYI. Growing up, Jennifer worked part time with her uncle's rodeo announcing business, paving her way into public speaking on the Central High School debate team. She graduated in 2013 with her Associates of Arts Degree in Liberal Studies from Phoenix College. After moving home to Hopi in 2015, Jennifer has volunteered for various organizations in the community. Her hope is that children on and off the reservation grow up believing that they are capable of anything they set their minds to. She is often seen selling her handmade charcoal soap with her business Big Sky Soap, but she mostly does that for fun. In her free time, Jennifer can be found with her nose in a book, her hand clutching a paint brush, or hiking up and down the mesa trails with her family.

Michelle Lomauhie, Receptionist 
Michelle, Hopi, is a member of the Butterfly Clan from the Village of Mishongnovi. She is very excited to be a part of The Hopi Foundation, KUYI Hopi Radio Station team. Michelle is a proud mother of three children: Antonio Jr., Yasmin, and Corina, nine grandchildren, and one great-grandchild.

Natwani Coalition

Terri Honani, Program Manager
Terri, Hopi and Tewa, is Pipwungwa (Tobacco Clan) from the Village of Tewa. She received her Associates Degree in Liberal Arts from Dine College and her Bachelor's of Science Degree in Exercise & Wellness Health Promotions from Arizona State University. Terri has worked in the health promotion and disease prevention fields as a Peer Fitness Leader Supervisor (Personal Trainer) for Gila River Health Care's Life Center in Komatke on the Gila River reservation, and as a Diabetes Prevention Educator with the Hopi Wellness Center  under the Hopi Special Diabetes Program, partnering with the Inter-Tribal Council of Arizona as a Site Coordinator for the Good Health & Wellness in Indian Country projects. Terri hopes to utilize her past experience and education to revive and sustain the Natwani's Coalition Vision Statement of "Working toward preserving and strengthening the healthy food system and agricultural traditions of the Hopi & Tewa People."

Kyle Nutumya, Program Associate
Kyle Nutumya (Kuwanhongva) is a member of the Sand Clan from the Village of Hotevilla. After graduating from Tuba City High School in 2013, he became a student at Coconino Community College to study Sustainable Green Building. Prior to becoming a member of The Hopi Foundation, Kyle served as an intern, later earning the position as a Building Apprentice, at the Hopi Tutskwa Permaculture Institute (HTPI). During his time with HTPI, Kyl assisted with the supervision and completion of three Passive Solar Homes for local community families in addition to actively engaging with local community members. Kyle looks to fulfill his passion and dream of enhancing and sustaining Hopi life by working under the Natwani Coalition. Kyle enjoys working outdoors, practicing traditional natural stone masonry, and cross country running.

CiAnna Sakeva, Program Coordinator
CiAnna Sakeva (Paahuyesnuma), Hopi, is a member of the Snake Clan from the Village of Sitsomovi. She graduated from both Santa Fe Indian School and Santa Fe Community College in 2015. CiAnna also earned her Nursing Assistant Certificate from Santa Fe Community College that same year. After high school, she attended Northern Arizona University to study Early Childhood Education but saw herself becoming more interested in Environmental Engineering & Environmental Studies. During the summer of 2016, CiAnna won the title of Miss Hopi 2016-2017 and spread awareness around Alzheimer's disease. She also worked with the Hopi Tutskwa Permaculture Institute as a Natural Build intern and as the Hopi Farmers Market Manager. As the Program Coordinator for the Natwani Coalition, CiAnna hopes to continue her efforts to support the mission of "encouraging and supporting traditional, innovative, and sustainable farming practices through outreach and education."

Hopi Leadership Program

Samantha Honani, Program Manager
Sam, Hopi and Tewa, is Pipwungwa (Tobacco Clan) from the Village of Tewa. Her greatest passion is to help guide the Hopi/Tewa community towards healthy individuals, families, and villages through engaging projects. She has been able to do this in working with the Hopi Health Care Center as a School Health Coordinator with the Health Promotion/Disease Prevention Center, with The Hopi Foundation as the Program Manager of the Natwani Coalition, as an educator at First Mesa Elementary School, and as a member of many community grassroots efforts. Sam is a NAU alumni with a Bachelor's Degree in Elementary Education and has 12 years of community-based education experience. In addition to working for her community, she loves trail running, helping at the family ranch, traveling to new places, coaching the little M2M runners, and growing with her 3 children, Latrell, Kierra, and Marques. 

Xavier Sakeva, Program Coordinator
Xavier, Hopi and Tewa, is from the Village of Kykotsmovi. His mother is Badger and Butterfly clan and his father is Deer and Flute clan. Xavier is a former Hopi Wellness Center fitness trainer and a former Hopi Cultural Center restaurant server. He also facilitates a fatherhood program called "Fatherhood Is Sacred, Motherhood Is Sacred," which is a program designed for Native parents who would like to enhance their parenting skills through Native principles. Xavier and his 8-year-old son both enjoy practicing Tae Kwan Do in their free time. They both hope to achieve the goal of a black belt someday.