Do you have Hita’nangwa?

Do you have a sincere desire to serve the community?

Do you like helping others?

Do you like taking the initiative to learn something new or challenging?

According to the Traditional Values and Visions of A Hopi, one who fulfills the meaning of Hita’nangwa is “a person who takes initiative to give aid without having to be instructed, asked, or reminded regardless if anyone will notice their effort, and because it will make a difference.” If you want to learn more about volunteer opportunities in our community, please visit our Nonprofit Community Directory to connect with a nonprofit of your choice.


Here are several meaningful ways to serve the Hopi community:


  • First, take the time to learn more about our community and our local nonprofits to connect with them in a mutually beneficial way;

  • Secondly, research how you can best match your interest, strengths, and skills to help our local organizations further our mission and our impact in the community;

  • Next, share with the organization what skills you can offer. If you are a non-local resident, some restrictions may apply due to limited housing, public transportation, and workspace. 

  • Please be aware that our nonprofit community capacity is still growing. The skills and service you will offer at any level will be a stepping stone to strengthening our ability to do more for our community.

  • Submit the Volunteer Application Form on this page so that we can contact regarding possible opportunities in the future. We thank you for your interest and appreciate your support.

*Non-local residents, groups, or individuals interested in volunteering in the Hopi community are welcome and must contact our sponsored projects or community partners directly.  Non-local volunteers will be required to arrange their own lodging and transportation. Please be aware that some challenges may be present to non-residents as both healthcare and some basic amenities are limited due to the rural location of our communities. *

Volunteer Application Form

Yes, I would like to be considered for volunteer opportunities in the future!