Hopi Emergency Assistance Fund


About the Fund

**The Hopi Tribe is directing tax-deductible contributions for COVID-19 relief to The Hopi Foundation.**

*Through The Hopi Emergency Assistance Fund, we are able to receive donations and grant funds to support emergency needs of the Hopi community during the COVID-19 pandemic.* 

The effects of this coronavirus are especially drastic in the Hopi community for multiple reasons including:

  • Being enveloped on all sides by the Navajo Nation, which has one of the highest per-capita rates of  positive COVID-19 cases

  • The lack of running water electricity, and transportation for many homes/families

  • Many Hopis are artists or vendors and are reliant on tourism and face-to-face interactions to conduct business

  • The threat to the older demographic is more devastating because our culture is dependent upon the knowledge tour elders hold.

Hopis are among the oldest inhabitants of North America, surviving arid climates, droughts, colonialism, and technological impacts for centuries. We have done so because of our ability to adapt, foresight & planning for the future, and our community-based values.

The Hopi Emergency Assistance Fund exists because we as Hopi, know that difficult times are inevitable and that we can only get through them if we help each other. 

The Hopi Emergency Assistance Fund offers aid to local villages, organizations and individuals with the intent to serve and distribute supplies and resources to a group in most critical need such as low-income, elders, single-parents, or disabled, with little or no access to transportation in areas of:


  1. Home-heating fuel shortage;

  2. Natural disaster relief for access to safe shelter, food, and clean, potable water; and

  3. Public health and safety in the event of disease outbreak, contamination, etc.


Frequently Asked Questions

How to Contribute

How Can I Donate to the Fund?

To make a donation to th Emergency Assistance Fund, click the 'donate' buttons on this page, or visit www.mightycause.com/story/Hopi-Emergency-Fund.

What Can I Donate?

The best way to support the fund is with a monetary contribution.

Can I Send Other Items?

Receive Assistance

How Can I Apply for Assistance?

To apply for assistance, please contact Monica Nuvamsa

Who Can Apply For Assistance?

To qualify for assistance, applicants must fit this criteria * * * *

What Qualifies as an Emergency?

An emergency...

Where do Funds Go?

Where Do Emergency Funds Sit (Until They Are Distributed)?

How Are Funds Distributed?


Previous Recipients

Funds from the Hopi Emergency Assistance Fund have gone towards...

Grants to supply wood for families in need of home-heating

Grants to provide medical supplies to

Hopi Health Care Center



Supporters of the Hopi Emergency Assistance Fund include:

  • First Mesa Baptist Church

  • Annenberg Foundation

  • Tides Foundation

  • Ultragenyx

  • Catena Foundation

  • The Arizona Community Foundation

  • S-Power Corporation

  • Generous people like you




110 Main St/PO Box 301

Kykotsmovi Village, AZ 86039

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