Three Mesas Productions


"Preserving the Hopi Language through the Performing Arts"

The mission of Three Mesas Productions (3MP) is to provide an outlet for youth to practice the Hopi concept of Tuuwutsi (storytelling) and Hopilavayi (language) through puppetry and drama. The goal is to utilize Hopi legends and fables to preserve the Hopi language and to provide performance opportunities for Hopi youth to promote their interest in performing arts.
Three Mesas Productions is committed to partnering with youth to produce live puppet shows for the various Hopi communities. Youth will learn stage production such as lighting and sound techniques, costume and prop design, and performing arts.
Three Mesas Productions involves various community members and volunteers from three main regions on the Hopi reservation (First Mesa, Second Mesa and Third Mesa) to provide guidance, support and development of its activities and events. The Production Team consists of eight core community members that work with youth using Hopi language, culture and the arts.


Community Reviews

“This activity is something different for the community to engage our youth in a fun and educational way. It would be great to be shared with friends, relatives, especially young children.” - Bacavi Village member

“Everybody enjoyed the program, very entertaining!” - Shungopavi Village member

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Laurel Sekakuku,
Mar 27, 2012, 11:29 AM