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March 1, 2013

Arizona Gives Day: Supporting A Living Tradition of Giving In Hopiland

Kykotsmovi, AZ – On March 20th, the Alliance of Arizona Nonprofits (Alliance) and Arizona Grantmakers Forum (AGF) are taking the lead in making statewide history in Arizona. In one day they are harnessing the power of individual contributions statewide, using online giving as the vehicle to connect new and existing donors with thousands of Arizona nonprofits.   Resulting in the Arizona Gives Day, dedicated to help raise the profile of statewide nonprofits and share their stories of impact in an effort to increase individual and corporate support.

“The nonprofit sector in the Hopi community has grown significantly since the first organization was established in the early 1950’s. Today with over 15 incorporated nonprofits in our community, we have become key partners in addressing the unique needs of the community that simply cannot be addressed through governmental services alone. These areas of need include cultural and language revitalization, youth educational opportunities, elder care services, substance abuse prevention, and access to low-income housing, just to name a few.” explains Monica Nuvamsa, Executive Director of The Hopi Foundation.  For over 25 years, The Hopi Foundation has been engaged in collaborative projects and connecting the local community to a shared value of itam naapyani or “doing the work ourselves” through community-based projects that work to strengthen culture and values of the Hopi and Tewa people.

“Our theme for this campaign is ‘Sumi’nangwa: Living A Tradition of Giving’ which exemplifies our Hopi value of working together for the benefit of all,” states Nuvamsa. “Our goals are simple: to educate our public about the unique services that each of our nonprofits provide to the local community and to raise the financial capacity of our nonprofits to continue the valuable work they contribute to our villages, clans and families.”

In effort to support our local nonprofits, The Hopi Foundation began to reach out in January to Hopi nonprofit leaders to participate in this year’s inaugural Arizona Gives Day and our goal is to raise $50,000 for the local nonprofit community in this first-ever statewide campaign.  The response to rally nonprofit partners in this campaign was positive and the Hopi Nonprofit Regional Partnership now includes:

·  Mesa Media, Inc. – Mesa Media was established in 2005 to help keep the Hopi language vibrant. Mesa Media produces learning materials in the Hopi language by Hopi people for the Hopi people.

·  Moenkopi Senior Center – The Moenkopi Senior Center was established in 2006 to provide direct services that are vital to elders’ in maintaining their independence, and living healthier, longer, fulfilled lives. Services are for all Hopi Elders of Moenkopi Villages and the Hopi Reservation.

·  The Hopi School, Inc. – Also known as Hopitutukaiki, the Hopi School was established in 2005. The school’s inter-disciplinary curriculum is rooted in Hopi philosophy and teachings. Courses are taught during a summer apprenticeship program in Hotevilla Village.

·  Red Feather, Inc. – The Red Feather Development Group educates and empowers American Indian nations to create long-term, sustainable solutions to the severe housing crisis within reservation communities. Red Feather organizes volunteers, and, alongside tribal members, builds needed homes using sustainable materials and techniques. Red Feather currently serves as the fiscal sponsor to the Hopi KiiNatWanLalwa, Inc. a new local nonprofit organization dedicated to traditional restoration techniques of Hopi homes and structures.

For more information about the Hopi Regional Partnership for Arizona Gives Day, please contact The Hopi Foundation at (928)734-2380. To find out more about Arizona Gives Day Campaign, visit