Hopi Nonprofit Partnership

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"Invest in Positive Change..."

Through the value of Sumi'nangwa

Coming together for the benefit of all

Since 2013, The Hopi Foundation sought partnerships with local Hopi nonprofits to encourage their participation in the annual Arizona Gives Day. The 2016 partnership includes the following Hopi nonprofits:

The Hopi Foundation, Inc. –The Hopi Foundation’s mission exemplifies the Hopi teaching of itam naapyani or "doing the work ourselves". Established by local Hopis to promote self-sufficiency, proactive community participation in our own destiny, the Foundation has served the Hopi community since 1987 through the development of micro-enterprises and community-based projects that work to strengthen Hopi culture and Hopi values. The Foundation hosts a number of local projects and initiatives including KUYI 881. FM Hopi Radio, Hopi Leadership Program, Hopi Opportunity Youth Initiative, HOPI Substance Abuse Prevention Center, Natwani Coalition, Owl and Panther Project, Barbara Chester Award Fund, and the Kabotie Fund.

Hopi Education Endowment Fund - The Hopi Education Endowment Fund's mission is to cultivate and nurture the future of the Hopi people through education by growing and safeguarding a perpetual source of funding (endowment).

Hopi Tutskwa Permaculture - Hopi Tutskwa Permaculture is a community-based educational organization, initiating hands-on learning projects, trainings, and offering workshops that support Hopi youth and community to develop skills and practical experience needed to promote a more ecological and healthy Hopi community.

Adventures for Hopi - We believe that experiential education, meaningful learning though direct experience, is the very essence of indigenous education. By utilizing this approach, we are returning to the way our minds have historically conceived the world while keeping in mind our traditional values. We are adopting and incorporating aspects of adventure education and using adventure as a conduit for education and social change.

DNA-People's Legal Services, Inc.-Hopi Office - We provide free civil legal service, promote tribal sovereignty, and offer community education programs that promote greater understanding of the law to low-income individuals in remote portions of three states and seven Native American nations. Our services have helped people use existing policies and laws to protect their property and assets, stay safe from physical, mental and financial abuse, avoid exploitation and safeguard their civil rights.

Hopi-Tewa Womens Coalition to End Abuse - HTWCEA is a tribal domestic violence and sexual assault coalition who provides education, technical assistance and training to the community and organizations who provide direct services to victims/survivors of domestic violence and sexual assault.

Red Feather Development Group - Red Feather partners with American Indian nations to develop sustainable solutions to the housing needs within their communities. Serving the Hopi and Navajo Nations in Arizona, and the Northern Cheyenne in Montana they work to educate homeowners and residents, facilitate repair and weatherization of homes, and work with the tribal communities.

Goals of the Hopi Nonprofit Partnership


  • To engage at least 5 local nonprofit partners for the 2016 statewide campaign.
  • To raise a minimum goal of $80,000 for the local nonprofit community in this statewide campaign.

 For the Local Nonprofit Sector

  • To educate the public about the unique services that our nonprofit sector provides to the Hopi communities.
  • To raise support for the Hopi nonprofit community from donors locally and state-wide.
  • To provide nonprofits a new experience with online giving as a way to strengthen their sustainability.

 For Leveraging State & Regional Partnerships

  • To leverage existing and new corporate partnerships / sponsorships for the Hopi nonprofit community.
  • To engage local nonprofits to vie for up to $45,000 awards and prizes through the Arizona Gives Campaign.