Arizona Gives Day

What is Arizona Gives Day ?

Arizona Gives Day is a
grassroots day of giving that will take place on Tuesday, April 5, 2016 from 12:00 a.m. to 11:59 p.m. (Arizona Time).
A one day online campaign for
Arizona's nonprofits to raise as much donors and money as possible in a 24-hour period. On this day, the public
is asked to “invest in Arizona” by giving to organizations that are doing important work to improve well-being in our state, in our communities.

Arizona Gives Day connects causes and supporters in order to enrich and empower Arizona as a whole.
The day also helps raise awareness about Arizona nonprofits and the important work they do in your community.
Join thousands of individuals and “invest in Arizona” by donating to your favorite nonprofit.

Why should I give ?
Hopi nonprofits depend on donors like you to support their work in our community. Nonprofits must fundraise year-round to meet
their operating needs and to help continue the
essential services they provide on Hopi. Arizona Gives Day is special because, not only will
you be  helping us to raise new dollars, you can help us earn additional cash prizes on this day!

Donations made through the Arizona Gives Day website ( may be tax-deductible, may be matched,
and are deposited directly into the bank accounts of the chosen nonprofits.


How can I donate ?

In addition to day-of online donations, Arizona Gives Day supporters can schedule donations in advance and share information about the day and participating nonprofits via social media to help generate awareness and participation.

To make a donation to The Hopi Foundation and/or one of its Programs, click to go to: The Hopi Foundation's Arizona Gives Day page.
To donate to one of our Hopi nonprofit partners, go to: and enter their program name in the search bar.

Which Hopi nonprofits are involved ?
The Hopi Foundation has formed a partnership to engage Hopi-based nonprofit organizations to participate
in the 2016 Arizona Gives Day.  The following organizations form the 2016 Hopi nonprofit partnership for Arizona Gives Day. 


The Hopi Foundation and its Projects
The Hopi Foundation and its Programs

Hopi Education Endowment Fund (HEEF)

               Hopi Tutskwa Permaculture                          Adventures for Hopi             DNA-People's Legal Service, Inc.-Hopi Office

                                          Hopi Tewa Women's Coalition to End Abuse             Red Feather Development Group


Click here to learn more about the 2016 Hopi Nonprofit Partnership!

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