Arizona Gives Day

What is Arizona Gives Day ?

AZ Gives Day is One day to raise as much donors and money as possible for Arizona’s Nonprofits within 24 hours. 

Why should I give ?

Your local nonprofit community depends on donors like you to support their work. Nonprofits must fundraise year-round to meet their operating needs and to help continue the essential services they provide to the community.

AZGives Day is special because, not only will you be helping us to raise new dollars, you can help us earn additional cash  prizes on this day!


When and how can I donate ?

On April 9th go to to view our stories & make a donation to the nonprofit of your choice!

Which Hopi nonprofits are involved ?

For 2014, the Hopi Foundation formed a local nonprofit partnership to engage Hopi-based nonprofit organizations to participate in the 2014 Arizona Gives Day.



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