Board of Trustees

Beatrice Norton, Chair
Beatrice became a Trustee with The Hopi Foundation in January 2008. She is a member of the Corn Clan from the Village of Oraivi. She currently works as the Director for the Hopi Tribe's Office of Aging and Adult Services which offers case management for long term care and home services for enrolled Hopi elders, adults and individuals with disabilities.  Beatrice has volunteered her time to many projects over the years including the Hopi Tewa Women’s Coalition to End Abuse – a grassroots advocacy group dedicated to social change on issues such as domestic violence, alcohol and substance abuse and cultural preservation, and Girl Power – a youth leadership program for young women. Beatrice also brings her vast knowledge of Hopi culture, language and tradition to the Board and has served as a cultural adviser to the Hopi Leadership Program since 2006 and is an alumnus of the 2008-2009 Hopi Leadership Program.

Ann C. Doyle, Member has strong ties to the Hopi Art community through her prior work as a museum specialist at the Museum of Northern Arizona (MNA). In her role at MNA, she coordinated the Hopi festival among other cultural festivals over her 12-year tenure. Anne currently resides in Flagstaff, AZ with her husband and business owner James Holeman. She has an MA degree in Museology and Museum Studies from Prescott College and she currently serves on the board for the Arizona Humanities Council and the Beatification and Public Arts Commission for the City of Flagstaff.

Paul Kabotie,
Paul Kabotie, Santa Clara Pueblo/Hopi, is the son of the late Michael Kabotie, a Snow Clan member from the Village of Shungopavi. Paul currently resides in Denver, CO with his wife Lesley Kabotie and their 3 sons. Paul graduated with a BSCS Degree from the University of New Mexico’s College of Engineering and is Vice President at Indigenous Collaboration, Inc., a strategic planning consulting firm he launched with his wife. He is also the Software Engineer and owner of Kabotie Software Technologies since 1997, Owner of Native Art Network, and is also a newly elected AISES Board Member.  He has 15 years of board governance experience in the business sector. 

Daryn A. Melvin, Member is a member of the Aasa and Hospowi Clan of Sitsom'ovi in First Mesa. Daryn is currently a student attending post-graduate study in Chicago, Illinois. He graduated with a Bachelor's degree in Environmental Science from Dartmouth College and a Master's degree in Education from Prescott College. Daryn has served on board including Black Mesa Trust in Kykotsmovi and Great Western Institute in Utah. He is a writer and a freelance journalist with interest in language and culture, health and environment.

Brian Monongye, Member is a member of the Maswungwa clan from the Village of Moenkopi and a graduate of Tuba City High School. He currently serves as the Youth/Elder Aide for the village of Lower Moenkopi. Brian has had the unique opportunity to serve as an ambassador for tribal nations on a grassroots level, attending the United Nations forums for Indigenous communities and the World Water Forum in Paris, France in 2012. Brian dedicates his overall volunteerism and service to Hopi Youth and works with young adult males through the Seventh Generation Fund's Native Youth Culture Exchange, which he has coordinated since 2013. His leadership includes serving as a youth representative on the board of the Seventh Generation Fund based in Arcata, CA.

Judy Tuwaletstiwa, Member 
A respected two-dimensional artist by profession, Judy became a Trustee with The Hopi Foundation in July of 2004. Judy shares her art knowledge and talent by teaching various art residencies and workshops throughout the nation. This has included multicultural youth workshops conducted in concert with The Hopi Foundation at the Village of Bacavi. Besides her artistic experience, she brings other professional skills to the Foundation such as organizing special events, strategic planning, public speaking, public relations and fundraising. At present she makes her home in Kykotsmovi, AZ and Galisteo, NM.


The Hopi Foundation Board of Trustees meet four times a year for regular board meetings.