Board of Trustees

Paul Kabotie, Chairperson
Paul Kabotie, Santa Clara Pueblo Badger Clan and son of the Hopi Nuvangyam (Snow Clan) from the Village of Shungopavi. Paul currently resides in Denver, CO with his wife Lesley Kabotie and their 3 sons. Paul graduated with a BSCS Degree from the University of New Mexico’s College of Engineering and is Vice President at Indigenous Collaboration, Inc., a strategic planning consulting firm he launched with his wife. He is also the Software Engineer and owner of Kabotie Software Technologies since 1997, Owner of Native Art Network, and is also a newly elected AISES Board Member. He has 15 years of board governance experience in the business sector

Kerry Green, Vice Chairperson
Kerry and her family have been long connected with the Hopi community since the early 1970s. She studied Liberal Arts from Arizona State University and Hopi Language in Culture with Emory Sekaquaptewa at the University of Arizona. Kerry was raised in both Arizona and New Mexico with strong networks to the art world and Native people in the Southwest. Her role as the Gallery Manager and Co-Director of the Glenn Green Galleries of Santa Fe and Tesuque, NM include managing, curation and installation of exhibits. She also provides the writing and photography for the Gallery's marketing. She recently founded 20th Century Girl Press which publishes fine art photographs. Her prior board experience includes serving with the Hopi Education Endowment Fund, Native Future (an arts-based organization with ties to Wounaan & Embera Tribes in Panama). She also served many years as a volunteer with Futures for Children raising funds for Native American Education programs.

Beatrice Norton, Treasurer

Iva Honyestewa, Secretary
Iva, Hopi and Taawawungwa (Sun Clan) from the village of Shungopavi. She is a local business owner, farmer and gardener, cultural educator, basketmaker and community organizer. Iva is the Owner/Manager of the Iskasokpu Gallery. She has served the Hopi Foundation first as presenter and researcher on topics of Hopi food and farming, Hopi culture and social practices. In 2015, she was appointed to the Natwani Coalition's Community Advisory Board. Her experience includes operational management, financial accounting, fundraising, strategic planning, community relations, public speaking and special events.

Terry Hines, Member
Terry, Hopi and Kookopwungwa (Fire Clan) from the Village of Moenkopi. Terry currently operates her own Consulting firm, DTH Consulting, LLC in Mesa, Arizona. With her more than 30 years of nonprofit experience she also teaches Human Resources at the ASU Lodestar Center for Nonprofit Innovation. She serves as a board member for the Southwest Leadership Academy, and prior to this she was Board President of the Hopi Education Endowment Fund from 2010-2015 and member of the Streetlight USA Board from 2010-2012.

Patricia Sekaquaptewa, Member
Patricia, Hopi and Kwaawungwa (Eagle Clan) from the Village of Oraivi and Hotevilla. She spent her early years growing up in Kykotsmovi Village with her family. Patricia currently lives in Fairbanks, Alaska serving as an assistant Professor in Alaska Native Studies and Rural Development. Patricia is also the founding President of the Nakwatsvewat Institute, a local Hopi nonprofit providing conflict resolution through mediation services to family and civil disputes since 2014. She also serves as a Board Member to the Tribal Law & Policy Institute of the University of Los Angeles in California since 2009. Her past service includes Director of the California Indian Law Association from 2002-2006 and Director of the National American Indian Bar Association.

The Hopi Foundation Board of Trustees meet four times a year for regular board meetings.