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Board of Trustees


Beatrice Norton, Chair
Beatrice became a Trustee with The Hopi Foundation in January 2008. She is a member of the Corn Clan from the Village of Oraibi. She currently works as the Director of Hopi Community Health Representatives which provides at-home and transitional care for the elderly and the disabled. Beatrice has volunteered her time to many projects over the years including The Hopi Women’s Coalition – a grassroots advocacy group dedicated to social change on issues such as domestic violence, alcohol and substance abuse and cultural preservation, Girl Power – a youth leadership program for young women. Beatrice also brings her vast knowledge of Hopi custom, language and tradition to the board and has served as a cultural advisor to the Hopi Leadership Program in 2006 and 2007.
Gene Kuwanquaftewa, Vice Chair
Gene is a member of the Bear Clan from the Village of Shungopavi. Gene has volunteered on the Community Advisory boards for the  Hopi Substance Abuse Prevention Center, KUYI Hopi Radio station and the Natwani Coalition. His primary background is in policy development, community and project development utilizing his training in construction management and experience in organizational development. Some of his projects and work include the creation of the Hopi Village Utility Management Cooperative, grant manager for the Hopi Alliance Against Substance Abuse, serving on the Commission for Navajo County Planning and Zoning, and working within the legislative branch of the Hopi Tribe. Gene currently serves as the Community Service Administrator for the Village of Songoopavi in Second Mesa, AZ.  
Marlene Sekaquaptewa, Secretary/Treasurer
Marlene, a frequent volunteer to The Hopi Foundation and its projects, now serves as a Trustee for The Hopi Foundation since July 2004. She is a member of the Eagle Clan and from the Village of Bacavi. Currently, Marlene works as the coordinator of the Hopi Customary Law Project for The Hopi Tribe and its tribal court system; work, that involves the translating and transcribing of Hopi Elders interviews on Hopi customary law and practices. Other professional experience she brings to The Hopi Foundation includes Youth through Elderly Coordinator for the Village of Hotevilla, Community Action Coordinator for Futures for Children, Albuquerque, NM, Community Development Specialist for Bacavi Village and a council member with the Arizona Council of Aging. 

Nadine Ami, Member
Nadine is a member of the Butterfly Clan from the Village of Sichomovi. Nadine has served as a past trustee from 1996-2006. She is currently employed at the Hopi Health Care Center and has served the Hopi Tribal government in areas of finance, contracts and social services. Nadine is recognized as a strong community advocate and has volunteered her time in various activities including the "Water is Life" Paatuwaqatsi Run in First Mesa. 
Judy Tuwaletstiwa, Member 
A respected two-dimensional artist by profession, Judy became a Trustee with The Hopi Foundation in July of 2004. Judy shares her art knowledge and talent by teaching various art residencies and workshops throughout the nation. This has included multicultural youth workshops conducted in concert with The Hopi Foundation at Bacavi village. Besides her artistic experience, she brings other professional skills to the Hopi Foundation such as organizing special events, strategic planning, public speaking, public relations and fundraising. At present she makes her home in Kykotsmovi, Arizona and Galisteo, New Mexico.

The Hopi Foundation Board of Trustees meet 4 times a year for regular board meetings.